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About Us:

The Department of Information Technology was established in the year 1998-99. The department is accredited by National Board of Accreditation.

The program is designed such that the student develops a practical understanding of the pillars that make the IT curriculum are programming, networking, web systems, information management and human-computer interaction. They provide the students with the skills and knowledge to take on appropriate professional positions upon graduation and grow into leadership positions or pursue graduate studies and research in the field.


To Transform our department into quality hub by feeding technology updated education with ethical values.


•To create a community of global learning in which professional students acquire knowledge and learn to apply it professionally with due consideration for frugal and moral issues.

•To promulgate research interest among student community

•To provide cognitive methods and technical services to satisfy the needs of student community, society and the country.

•To aid in edifice international power in science, humanities, engineering, technology, management, education and research.